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    Jim Bob

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    Reply from rideagain:

    Hi Jim Bob:

    Sorry, it took me a while to reply.  I haven't been riding much through the winter so I haven't checked this site very frequently. 

    If you want the old muffler that I took off my bike, you can have it.  No charge, but if you want it shipped you'll have to pay for that.  We're in Gibsons, so shipping would take two ferries.

    My wife has a place in Victoria, so she travels to the Island several times a year.  Sometimes I go with her.  Quite often we take the ferry to Nanaimo and drive down the Island, but we don't have a trip scheduled right now.  If you can wait until we go to the Island we'll take it along, and either drop it off on our way down the Island or have it in Victoria for you to pick up.  If you can't wait, let me know what you'd like to do.

    Peter Ronning ([email protected])